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Join the Steering Committee! 

The purpose of the steering committee is to provide input and guidance on the actions, projects, and priorities for the CT Farm to School Collaborative while bringing diverse leadership and clear structure for decision making, strategy, and ensuring decision making is equitable.

         Responsibilities include:

  • Be engaged: attend and participate in 75% of all meetings and communications providing input and expertise.

  • Serve as a liaison between SC and community projects funded with/by the Collaborative. (AdHoc committees)

  • Elevate outreach of collaborative workshops, meetings, opportunities

  • Support Coordinator in planning Monthly Collaborative wide meetings - subjects, speakers, presentations etc…

  • Be a voice for Policy initiatives

  • Support fundraising efforts 

  • Engage in emergent collaborative work and identify new ideas and opportunities

  • Keep collaborative work focused, sustainable and not over extended

                                 Roles include:

  • To serve as a representative to the collaborative

  • Support network building activities

  • Provide guidance and support to the collaborative's coordinator

  • Offer strategic direction,  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice (DEIJ) accountability (re:anti-Racism statement)  and financial oversight.  


  • Early care educators, administrators, non-profit service providers and parents

  • Farm Workers and Owners 

  • School Food Service workers, cafeteria managers

  • Public School teachers, parents, Wellness Committee members and *Food Service consultants etc.

  • Farm and food Non-profit organizations and *Farm based educators

  • Food justice, health equity, hunger, education Community and Non-profit activists and organizers

  • State agency representatives - *Dept. Agriculture, *Dept. Education, Dept. Public Health, etc

  • University representation - *UConn Ext., researchers, professors and students

  • School Garden educators/volunteers

  • Supply Chain & Values Based purchasing advisors

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