Steering Committee

11/17/2021 - We are currently recruiting leaders to form a new Steering Committee!


The purpose of the steering committee is to provide input and guidance on the actions, projects, and priorities for the CT Farm to School Collaborative while bringing diverse leadership and clear structure for decision making, strategy, and ensuring decision making is equitable.

Click here to fill out our Interest Form! - DUE December 31st

Invitation Letter


Roles and Responsibilities of Steering Committee members:
- Serve as a representative for the Farm to School Collaborative
- Support network building activities
- Provide guidance to the collaborative's coordinator
- Offer strategic direction, accountability to our anti-racist statement, mission, and values
- Help to oversee budget and future financing

-->Interest Form Due by December 31st, 2021.
-->Mid December - Mid January - Selection Process
-->Emergent First Steering Committee meeting in January 2022.


Time Commitment: As a Steering Committee member you commit to an average of two monthly meetings (approximately 3 hours total):

  • Planning meetings (to be determined through consensus of the new members)

  • Monthly CT Farm to School Collaborative meeting (currently meets virtually on the third Wednesday of the month, 9:30 - 10:30 am). Attending approx. 70% in a calendar year.


Steering committee members will determine how to organize, share and structure these responsibilities to the benefit of all members. Funding support from Henry P. Kendall Foundation through Uconn Extension, our fiscal agent, has made stipends available for your participation. We know that no single entity or agency can achieve our mission, so we hope you will consider bringing your skills, talent and connections to lead the collaborative in 2022.


Our vision is to assemble a steering committee composed of members representing a variety of roles and experiences including: state agencies, nonprofits, educators, farmers, youth, and other farm to school advocates. We plan to convene this new committee by January 2022 with a minimum of 6 members with the goal of growing to 10-12 members. 

Click here to fill out our form if interested! - DUE DECEMBER 6