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Early Childhood Education

Cafeteria - At The Table

Check out this amazing recipe catalog with recipes from around the world y aqui en Español

Classroom - At Play

Explore this thoughtful curricula that includes books, activities and best practices for educators, Cultivating Joy and Wonder: For Sustainability In Early Childhood Through Nature Food And Community from Shelburne Farms

Community - With Families and Caregivers

  • Promote and Enhance Parent and Family Engagement. 

 Check out this resource on engaging families in Farm to Early Care
                Story Time!



There are so many amazing books out there to bring culturally reflective learning to exploring food, farms, gardening and nutrition!




  • Ready Set, Grow! The Food Trust’s multicultural collection of farm to ECE books highlights children’s books that feature characters from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, many of which are authored by writers of color. The list includes books that are either bilingual or written exclusively in Spanish and cover a wide variety of farm to ECE related topics including gardening, farms, cooking, family meals, farmers markets, shopping for food and more.

Anywhere Farm by Phyllis Root.  A fun introduction into growing things in the city, an old can, or anywhere!

Seeds Move! by Robin Page.  An illustration of different ways that seeds disperse.


For more resources, click below!


Plants Feed me by Lizzy Rockwell.  Take a colorful journey through all the plant parts we eat

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