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Strategic Maps

Larger Systems Map - Before Analysis

Just like the food system, the farm to school food system isn't any less complicated. This map was drawn up by our consultant, Scott Spann, based on the 30 phone interviews he conducted over the summer of 2019. 

In September, there were 4 subgroup meetings held in order to verify the map represented an accurate read of the real farm to school ecosystem. The goal in the center here, is just a placeholder. 

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Confusing, we know. Watch Scott explain it and explore it. Let it become a tool!
Just click below: 

Watch this video to understand the methods to how we landed with a more distilled map of key drivers. This is the map that will guide the teams we form at the November summit. 

Distilled Systems Map - After Analysis

After further analysis, the large systems map was distilled into this, based on a series of different analyses. We used this tool to identify action teams.

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