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For Farmers

Are you a farmer who’s interested in exploring a connection with a school district or early child care center?


As a farmer, you can be involved in Farm to School in a number of ways:

  • Selling CT Grown farm products either directly or through a local food hub!

  • Hosting a field trip on your farm!

  • Visiting a school for an agriculture education session and taste test!

This is the BEST time of year to gain access to the growing school market! Districts will be celebrating and looking to purchase CT Grown fruits, vegetables and dairy and learning with students how local food and local agriculture enrich their community. 



Reach out for more information!

For general farm to school questions about selling to school and CT Grown for CT Kids Grant  questions and other funding questions contact:


Cyrena Thibodeau, Connecticut Department of Agriculture


Phone: 860-895-3094


For questions about connecting with a specific school district or Early care (preschool) center and other information about selling to schools contact:


Shannon Raider-Ginsburg, UConn Extension, Put Local on Your Tray




Other Resources


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