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CT Farm To School
2019 Summit

What was it?

In the spring of 2019-fall of 2019, the CT Farm to School Collaborative worked with a consultant, Scott Spann from Innate Strategies (Sausalito, CA), to facilitate a plan to move farm to school forward in our state.

We interviewed dozens of people, drafted a systems map from those interviews, held focus groups, and ran analyses of the systems map to identify the key leverage points within the farm to school ecosystem at large.

Our final phase of planning was this summit in November 2019, where Scott facilitated the last steps to creating an action plan together, where we discussed...
                          -  lever goals
                          -  lever strategies
                          -  lever phases, tasks, and roles

Day 1 was spent setting context for the project, and Day 2 was getting into the nitty-gritty of planning our action steps to create the changes we seek.

Watch this video to understand what happened at the two day summit!

This will give you a bit more context into how we went from the large, EcoSystem Map to a distilled version of it, called the Strategy Map. The Strategy Map will be the way we organize into teams at the Summit. This video is ~25 minutes long.

Interested in the breakdown of the EcoSystem Map? This will review the system as a whole - the deepest level of analysis is presented in this video, and it is 50 minutes long. 

2019 CTFTSC Strategic Map

Check out some photos from the event! 

Photos taken by Molly Deegan

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