Action Teams

The Action Teams were born out of the CT Farm to School Summit in the winter of 2019.  They are essential tools in navigating the needs that arise within our state that create barriers, or present opportunities for Farm to School.  These three action teams working together toward the shared goal of the CT Farm to School Collaborative and under guiding principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Become more familiar with the Action Teams and their progress by visiting their Google site below.

Resources and Funding

 Team Leader: Joey Listro, New Britain Roots

Action Team members are working on gathering data and survey information from members of the CT Farm To School Network to craft a platform to advocate for FTS activities across the state. We plan to engage with policymakers to build support for new channels of funding and the promotion of FTS activities in an attempt to bring in more support for the network. 

By 2032, 100% of CT ECE Centers and K-12 schools have access to tangible, sustainable processes that connect education, agriculture and nutrition, where at least 25% of food served in CT ECE Centers & K-12 schools is sourced locally, and all students enrolled in CT ECE Centers and K-12 schools have access to meaningful, empowering experiences with the local food system in their classrooms, cafeterias and outdoor learning spaces.  

Ease of Use

 Team Leader: Shannon Raider Ginsburg- Put Local on Your Tray

The team works to network, collaborate and unite our members to make procurement of locally grown farm products easier, accessible, and available to school districts in our state.


We are guided by a series of nascent strategy ideas that are evolving as the group is guided by data and information, agricultural and educational context and by our skill and availability.


Our goal is for all CT farm to school stakeholders to understand the value of CT farm to school as it pertains to their role. To bridge relationships by educating, marketing and outreach the mutual benefits of farm to school to all stakeholders in order to drive demand that will dictate infrastructure needs (aggregation, processing and storage).  To serve the diversity and scale of local farms and schools.For all CT FTS stakeholders to understand the value of CT farm to school as it pertains to their role; to know it, do it, promote it! 


 Team Leaders: Darlene Yule, Hartford Food System & Lisa Lenskold, Norwalk Grows

The team strives to unite and empower our members to develop educational opportunities for all participants in the CT Farm to School system from young eaters in the early learning community to high school youth, teachers, school administrators, food service staff, farmers and families.  


We are guided by strategies that prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in the engagement of the community around education in the CT Farm to School system.


Our goal is for all Connecticut students in early childhood education and PreK-12 to have at least one meaningful, culturally relevant hands-on farm to school experience every year.