Farm to School in Action

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  CT FTS network works as a cohesive and inclusive unit to ensure equitable processes and culturally appropriate resources. There will be increased accessibility in the CT FTS network to ensure institutionalized power is shared. We understand there are multiple forms of capital, including human and environmental capital.

We invite you to sign up for one of three Action Teams that will carry our work forward  to continue to grow momentum for farm to school. Meetings are likely to take place monthly to help us accomplish the goals we set forth for our communities, however the Action Team members will be encouraged to define their own norms and parameters.
Our Action Teams are focused on:
 Ease of Use

OUR GOAL:  By 2032, 100% of CT ECE Centers and K-12 schools have tangible, sustainable processes that connect education, agriculture and nutrition, where at least 25% of food served in CT ECE Centers & K12 Schools is sourced locally, and all students enrolled in CT ECE Centers and K-12 schools have access to meaningful, empowering experiences with the local food system in their classrooms, cafeterias and outdoor learning spaces.