The CT Farm to School

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  CT FTS network will work as a cohesive and inclusive unit to ensure equitable processes and culturally appropriate resources. There will be increased accessibility in the CT FTS network to ensure institutionalized power is shared. We understand there are multiple forms of capital, including human and environmental capital.

Who are we

Launched in May 2016, the CT Farm to School Collaborative is a multi-stakeholder partnership whose function is to pursue projects together that no one partner could do alone. The Collaborative functions as an informal working group committed to growing Farm to School efforts in Connecticut.

Coordination is provided in-kind by UConn Extension and FoodCorps CT, and meetings are hosted by Hartford Public Schools Food Services. The Collaborative meets monthly to network, collaborate, and support efforts across the state. Together, the Collaborative has helped raise the visibility of CT Grown for CT Kids Week, delivered trainings for the School Nutrition Association of CT and the USDA Food Show, and in 2019 embarked on a strategic planning effort.

Participating organizations* represent the variety of stakeholders needed for collaborative work on farm to school, including:

  • CT State Department of Education

  • CT Department of Agriculture

  • CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

  • CT Department of Public Health

  • UConn Extension/Put Local On Your Tray

  • School Nutrition Association of CT

  • FoodCorps CT

  • New England Dairy

  • Common Ground High School, Urban Farm, and Environmental Education Center

*This group is evolving and growing with the work! We are always pleased to welcome new partners to join our efforts. Email Nyree.Hodges@UConn.edu if you would like to be part of these efforts.

Learn More!

To learn more about farm to school in CT, or more about what the Collaborative does, please reach out to one of us: 

CT State Department of Education

Monica Pacheco


CT Department of Agriculture

Erin Windham


FoodCorps Connecticut

Dawn Crayco


Put Local On Your Tray Program/UConn Extension

Jiff Martin



Project Coordinator 

Nyree Hodges 


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The Collaborative's Definition of FTS: 

Farm to School: Farm to school refers to efforts that bring regionally produced foods into schools, exposing students to local food through the cafeteria and hands-on learning activities such as gardening, farm visits, and culinary classes.

Farm to school programs elevate the health of children and communities while supporting local agriculture and local economies.


In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: CT Farm to School Collaborative meetings will continue to take place every third Wednesday of the month virtually via Zoom until further notice. 

Send one of us an email for more information about the schedule. 

Meetings happen regularly every third Wednesday of the month at 9:30am in Hartford.